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Thunderstorm Anxiety in Dogs

October 1 2020

Does your canine companion turn into a whimpering ball of fear when a storm rolls in? Fido may love Florida’s warm temperatures and soft beaches, but he’s much less enamored with its frequent storms. A local vet offers a few tips on keeping your pup content in storms below.


On days when you know it’s going to storm, try to rearrange your furry friend’s schedule a bit. If you can, walk and play with Fido before the weather comes in. Dogs are always calmer once they’ve burned off their zoomies.

Relaxing Clothes

You may have heard of snug-fitting clothes for dogs. These can be quite helpful, as they make Fido feel snug and secure. Of course, you’ll need to let your pooch weigh in. If he doesn’t like wearing clothes, this may not be the best option.

Pup-Calming Products

You can find a variety of pet-calming products in stores. These treats, sprays, and collars contain pheromones which naturally soothe nervous pups. Just be sure to follow the label instructions. Ask your vet for more information.

Background Noise

Did you know that dogs respond to music in the same way people do? Turn on some relaxing tunes in the background for Fido. This can also mask the noise, which will help as well.

Desensitization Training

Another thing that can help is getting Fido so used to the sound of storms that it doesn’t bother him anymore. Play a CD or stream that features storm noise in the background. At first, keep it very low, and only play it when it’s nice out. Gradually increase the volume. This technique can also be helpful for helping your dog cope with fireworks.

Don’t Coddle The Pup

We know, we know, it’s natural to want to soothe and snuggle your four-legged pal when he’s scared. However, there is a thin line here. If you pay Fido too much attention, you’ll basically be rewarding him for acting scared. He may keep up the theatrics even if he gets more comfortable with storms.


Crates can be very helpful when it comes to helping dogs feel safe. Of course, this will only work if Fido thinks of his crate as a comfy little den. Ask your vet for tips on crate training your nervous pooch. (Tip: toys, treats, and bedding will all help.)

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