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Keeping Kitty Indoors

October 15 2020

Have you recently adopted a stray? Congratulations on your new pet! Of course, It can take Fluffy some time to get used to a new household. One change that can be difficult for cats is being grounded, especially after being able to roam freely before. However, even kitties that used to go outside can get used to the indoor life after a while. Here, a veterinarian offers some tips on how to keep your furry little explorer happy and safe inside.


One thing that will help is to simply make your home fun for your kitty. Set out some pet-safe plants for Fluffy to nibble on. Some good options are Boston ferns, Rubber tree plants, Ponytail palms, and Areca palms. The ASPCA has many more pet-safe plants listed here. If you have a screened in porch or patio, make it a catio! This will give your furball a safe place where she can spy on birds and squirrels.


Have you ever wondered why cats like going outside? It’s fun for them! Fluffy gets to chase after small animals and sniff grass and plants. Setting out plants, as mentioned above, will help with the latter. As to the former, we recommend playing with your feline buddy every day. Use a toy you control, like a wand toy or laser pointer. Even just a few minutes of running and jumping may satisfy your furball’s inner predator.

Make The Door Unappealing

If you tell Fluffy that she isn’t allowed outside anymore, she’ll probably yawn, lick her paws, and then start scratching at the door. Making her wary of the door is much more effective. Whenever you see your kitty sniffing around the exit, do something that will startle her and/or annoy her. Squirting her with water is one option. You can also make a loud noise. However, you should never punish your furry friend for trying to get out. That will just make her even more determined to escape!

Go For A Walk

If your cat absolutely refuses to stop trying to get out, you may need to let her have her way … sort of. Some kitties actually enjoy being walked on a leash! Ask your vet for advice on training and walking your feline pal.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local veterinary clinic in North Miami Beach, FL, we are here to help!