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How to Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

July 1 2021

The much-anticipated 4th of July is almost here. While most Americans are looking forward to celebrating the USA’s birthday, remembering that this can be a highly dangerous holiday for our furry pals is important. Many dogs are completely terrified of fireworks! In this article, a local vet discusses some things you can do to help Fido cope.

Early Workout

Your pup always seems a little more relaxed after burning off some of his extra zoomies. Try to take your canine companion for a long walk before it gets dark. Playing with Fido vigorously can also help tire him out.

Crate Time

When used properly, crates can actually be calming for Fido. The key is to ensure that he thinks of his crate as a cushy den and not prison. If your dog enjoys his crate, he may think it’s safer inside. Give him some comfy bedding. And, offer him a tasty treat or toy to keep him occupied.

Calming Shirt

Your pet may benefit from a calming or snug shirt if he’s terrified of loud noises. These are kind of the equivalent to weighted blankets for pooches. Not all dogs love them, so you’ll need to see Fido’s reaction.

Background Noise

Play your radio or TV when you bring your pup inside. This might help mask the sound of the fireworks. And, the noise in the background can help calm Fido.


You don’t want to do too much here; showering your dog with attention when he’s scared might inadvertently praise him for acting nervous. That said, if your canine friend is scared, petting him and talking to him a little may help relax him.

Pet-Calming Products

Another thing, called pet-calming pheromones, could be something else to try. There are various products for you to choose from, including sprays, treats, and collars. Ask your local vet for more information.


Our canine buddies all have special personalities, and some are just born jumpier than others. If your dog is generally high-strung, you could try desensitizing him to loud noises. Sounds of loud noises, such as thunderstorms, can be played on a CD or stream. Keep the volume low at first, slowly increasing it. (This process could take several days, weeks, or months.)

Happy Fourth of July! Contact your local veterinarian in North Miami Beach, FL for more firework safety tips for your dog.