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The Queen’s Corgis

September 15 2022

All eyes are on England eek, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who was coronated in 1953 and has ruled longer than many of us have been alive. As you may know, the monarch was known for her love of corgis: specifically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. A local vet discusses the royal pups below.


Queen Elizabeth was first enchanted by corgis at a young age, by the pups owned by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. On her 18th birthday, her father gave her a corgi of her own. That particular corgi, who was named Susan, accompanied Her Majesty on her honeymoon. All of the Queen’s other corgis were descended from Susan’s puppies.

Pampered Pups

As you can probably guess, being the Queen’s pet is a pretty sweet deal. The 30-some corgis she owned over the course of her life slept in cushioned baskets, and ate things like steak, rabbit, and chicken from silver platters. The adorable pups had names like Plover, Disco, and Mint. They were always fed in order of seniority. They even each got their own Christmas stockings.

Beloved Pooches

It’s easy to see why so many Brits fell in love with these cute pups. However, not everyone was quite so smitten with them. Princess Diana once referred to them as a ‘moving carpet’!

Plucky Pups

Corgis are extremely intelligent, and are actually known for herding cattle. Given that said cattle are quite a bit larger than they are, that’s pretty impressive!

A Furry Legacy

The Queen stopped breeding corgis in 2015, simply because she knew her time was coming and didn’t want to leave any behind. However, she made an exception in 2021. Prince Andrew, along with his daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, gave her a puppy to mark what would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday. (Andrew is adopting some of the corgis.)


Did you know that the royal corgis were the inspiration for a movie? In The Queen’s Corgis, the monarch’s favorite pooch gets lost and ends up in a dog fighting club. The movie details his adventures as he tries to find his way back home.


Not even the royal dogs can escape scandal. Apparently a footman was demoted for pouring booze into the pups’ bowls, and watching them stagger about “with great relish.” We can definitely agree with the Queen’s anger on this one. Alcohol is actually very dangerous to pets!

Our Advice on The Queen’s Corgis in 2024

Did the Queen ever use her corgis for their original purpose?

The Queen’s Pembroke Welsh Corgis, although primarily known as companions, did share a connection to their breed’s original purpose of herding cattle through their intelligence and energetic nature. However, there’s no evidence suggesting Queen Elizabeth II employed her corgis in actual herding tasks. Instead, these dogs were celebrated members of the royal household, embodying the breed’s herding spirit in their playful and plucky demeanor, rather than in traditional cattle herding roles. Their royal lifestyle was more about companionship and the unique bond shared with the Queen.

Were there any specific health issues or concerns that the Queen’s corgis faced?

The article doesn’t detail specific health issues concerning the Queen’s corgis but highlights their well-pampered lifestyle, including high-quality diets and the unique care they received. However, like all Pembroke Welsh Corgis, they could be prone to conditions common to the breed, such as hip dysplasia and eye disorders. Given the meticulous care they received, it’s likely these potential health concerns were attentively managed. For pet owners looking to ensure their corgis receive royal treatment and proactive health care, our clinic in North Miami Beach, FL, offers comprehensive veterinary services tailored to breed-specific needs.

Did the Queen’s love for corgis influence the popularity of the breed in the United Kingdom?

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness for Pembroke Welsh Corgis significantly boosted the breed’s popularity in the United Kingdom. Her public appearances and media coverage alongside her corgis showcased the breed’s charm and intelligence, endearing them to the British public and beyond. This royal endorsement led to an increased interest in corgis, elevating their status as a desirable companion breed. The Queen’s deep, visible bond with her corgis played a pivotal role in spotlighting the breed’s attributes, influencing many to welcome these spirited dogs into their homes.

How did the Queen’s corgis adapt to changes in their environment?

The Queen’s corgis demonstrated remarkable adaptability to changes in their environment, a testament to their breed’s intelligence and resilience. Raised in the royal household, they navigated the complexities of public life, from interacting with dignitaries to adapting to various living spaces. Their ability to maintain composure and obedience amidst the bustling environment of Buckingham Palace and other royal residences underscores their well-tempered nature. This adaptability was likely further enhanced by the structured care and consistent training they received, showcasing the breed’s capacity to thrive in diverse settings.

Were there any specific training methods or techniques used to ensure the Queen’s corgis were disciplined?

The article does not specify particular training methods or techniques used for the Queen’s corgis, but it suggests a high level of care and attention to their behavior and well-being. Given the corgis’ disciplined demeanor and their ability to adapt to royal protocols, it can be inferred that consistent, positive reinforcement training techniques were likely employed. Training corgis, known for their intelligence and sometimes stubborn nature, often involves patience, consistency, and rewards for good behavior. This approach aligns with the structured and nurturing environment provided to the Queen’s beloved pets.

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