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Is Your Cat Bored?

July 15 2023

Did you know that July is Anti-Boredom Month? This may not sound like much of a problem for our feline patients. After all, Fluffy does seem to enjoy doing as little as possible. However, believe it or not, your furry buddy can’t spend all of her  time napping. Cats can—and do—get bored, which is just as unpleasant for them as it is for us. A local vet delves into this topic below.

Signs Of Boredom

Fluffy needs stimulation and enrichment to be content. Your inquisitive little pet won’t be happy with nothing to do but stare at the walls all day, any more than you would. Of course, our furry friends can’t tell us if something is wrong, so you’ll need to look for clues. Some of the red flags in this case would include things like overgrooming, meowing incessantly, overeating, and clinginess. Your feline buddy  may stop using her litterbox, or become insistent on trying to get outdoors. If you have other pets, you may also see some bullying behaviors. On the other hand, if you catch your cat blepping, it’s usually a sign of contentment or relaxation.

Dangers Of Boredom

Being bored isn’t fun for anyone. However, with our animal companions, it can actually lead to health issues. Fluffy may overeat if she has nothing else to do. This is rather like the kitty equivalent of someone mindlessly munching through a bag of chips or a box of cookies without really thinking much about it. That can of course lead to obesity. Some cats go in the other direction, and stop eating, which can also cause medical issues. You may also find yourself dealing with behavioral issues, such as destructive behavior.

Keeping Kitty Entertained

Fortunately, it’s not hard to keep even the most curious and frisky furball active and entertained. First and foremost, make sure your feline pal has lots of toys. Fluffy should have things she can play with by herself, as well as interactive toys, like laser pointers, that you play with together. Provide lots of things for your furry friend to climb and explore, like cat towers and newspaper tunnels. Some furballs enjoy watching cat-friendly TV shows. A good window view is also a ‘pawesome’ kitty entertainment option. After all, birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. Last but not least, just spend time with your cat, and pay attention to her.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Our vet wellness and pet vaccination services can help keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Contact us, your local pet clinic in North Miami, FL, today!