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Fluffy’s Year In Review

January 1 2023

Happy New Year! As we say goodbye to 2022, many people will be looking back over the last 12 months, and ruminating on various high and low points. Actually, Fluffy also has a few things worth recapping. A local vet lists some of them below.

Dave Finds A Home

The World Cup has officially gone to the cats! Two British players made headlines after befriending a stray kitty at their Dubai training camp. The feline, whom players affectionately named Dave, was eventually adopted by Manchester City players Kyle Walker and John Stones, and is now presumably living his best nine lives as a celebrekitty.

A Plawsible Cause

Cat lovers in Columbus, Ohio are rallying to add a special license plate option: ‘Weirdo Cat Lovers Of Cleveland.’ Proceeds would go to a specific charity, the Weirdo Cat Lovers Of Cleveland. The charity provides emergency veterinary fund help and supports TNR practices. That’s a pretty worthy cause to support!

Dabbing In Dabloons

Is Fluffy trying to get a pawhold in the digital currency market? She may very well be! In one of the latest viral TikTok trends, users exchange a new cryptocurrency known as Dabloons. What does this have to do with our feline pals? Everything, apparently, at least as far as design. The Dabloon—which is loosely named after the doubloon, a Spanish coin—features cat pictures.

Proud Retirement

We have another story out of Ohio: this one is about a cute kitty named Otis, who officially retired from his position as Loganberry Books resident furball after 14 years. The beloved feline charmed many hearts over the course of his career. Word is that Otis is looking forward to a retirement that, like his career, will include lots of naps.


In one heartwarming tale, a California woman was reunited with her long-lost pet, Lily, who had been missing for a whopping six years. Their remarkable reunion is credited to a microchip. These tiny devices have brought many wayward [pets back to their worried humans. If you haven’t had your pet microchipped yet, definitely put that on your 2023 agenda!

Cat Art

If the internet has revealed anything about human nature, it’s probably the fact that we’re collectively obsessed with cats. One Instagram account is the purrfect demonstration of that. The page, Koty Vezde, is a big hit with kitty lovers: the artist puts Fluffy’s face on pretty much everything, from giraffes to llamas.

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your local animal clinic in North Miami, FL for your kitty’s veterinary care needs.