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Ferretproofing 101

November 15 2019

Have you recently adopted a ferret? If so, you’ve chosen a very cute and fun pet. Your tiny buddy will definitely keep you entertained. He will also keep you on your toes. Ferrets are quite mischievous! In order to keep your furry friend safe, you’ll need to do some ferretproofing. Here, a local North Miami Beach, FL vet offers some ferretproofing tips.

Small/Sharp Object

Ferrets, as you may know, are notorious for having sticky fingers. These little furballs love to steal things! Many of them are drawn to shiny objects. Keep things like keys, coins, jewelry pieces, batteries, pens, and anything else that’s small or sharp in secure places.

Starting Out

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out where your ferret will be allowed to roam. It may be best to just ferretproof a single room, and keep your pet in there most of the time. Once you have the area identified, start by looking for hidey-holes and escape routes. Make sure all of your windows, doors, and vents close securely. Also, block off empty spaces behind and beneath furniture and cabinets.


Ferrets are very sensitive to chemicals. Keep things like pesticides, fertilizers, medicine, paint, and household cleaners in cabinets your tiny pal can’t get into. We recommend using childproofing locks on bottom cabinets. You’ll also want to remove any toxic plants.


Wires and cords are a huge danger to your tiny pet. Keep as many cords out of paws’ reach as you can. For those that are closer to the floor, you’ll want to coat them with taste deterrents. Use protectors to block off unused outlets.

Checking For Openings

We recommend getting down on your hands and knees and looking around from your frisky pet’s eye level. You may notice things that eluded you before.


Part of keeping your pet safe is just being aware of hazards. Keep major appliances closed when they aren’t in used, and keep an eye on your furry friend when he’s out and about. Put your little pal in his cage when you have guests. We also recommend watching your ferret to find out where his stash is. If your phone suddenly goes missing, that’s the first place to look!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about ferret care. As your local North Miami Beach, FL vet clinic, we are always here to help!