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Cute Cat Breeds You Probably Never Heard Of

March 1 2022

Did you know that there are a few organizations dedicated to kitty breeds? Interestingly, they differ on how many types of cats they recognize.The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) allows 44 breeds, while The International Cat Association recognizes 71. We’re staying out of that debate, but we do think they are all adorable! In this article, a local vet introduces a few furballs you may not be familiar with.


Named after the ancient goddess of love, the Aphrodite has both a big body and a big heart! These sweet felines have extraordinarily long back legs and super thick coats. Interestingly, they grow more slowly than most of our feline pals. Fluffy may take 3 years to reach her adult size.


The Lykoi is a little kitty that is making big waves. These sweet kitties are known as the werewolf cat, because of their unusual, wolf-like appearance. Don’t worry, though: you won’t turn into a werewolf if one of them bites you!


The Highlander first clawed her way into our hearts back in 2004. A cross between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl, these cute kitties are lovable, cuddly, frisky, and smart. Unlike most of our feline pals, they love water. They’re also pretty talented little gymnasts!

Tennessee Rex

The Tennessee Rex is the only kitty on our list that is always a ginger. These fluffy redheads are not only quite large, they are also curly! Their exact lineage is unknown. The breed traces back to a Tennessee stray that gave birth to some unique looking kittens. Beyond that, Fluffy’s origins are a kitty mystery!

Cheetoh Cat

A cross between the Bengal and the Ocicat, the Cheetoh cat is very striking. Like many exotic cats, they have very pretty patterned coats, and are basically adorable little chatterboxes!


As the name suggests, the Toybob is an itty bitty kitty. These charming furballs usually only grow to the size of a 3 to 6 month old kitten. Unlike most toy breeds, they aren’t a downsized version of a larger cat, but are a unique breed of their own. They are very lovable, and tend to be great climbers and lapcats.

Ojos Azules

The Ojos Azules has been around since 1984. However, they are still quite rare. They can sport a variety of coat colors and patterns, but they always have striking, deep blue eyes. Fun fact: the name Ojos Azules actually means ‘blue eyes’ in Spanish!

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